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Curriculum support

Edgbaston High School for Girls have began a partnership of sharing knowledge and expertise with Ark Boulton Academy.


Edgbaston High School, within the area of Mathmatics are assiting in developing knowledge and understanding of the Ark Mathmatics Department. Primarily assisting in Key Stage 4 Maths.


The partnership was developed through a Senior Teacher Teaching and Learning contact and at the request of the Ark Headmistress and with the support of the Headmistress of Edgbaston High School.


Edgbaston High School offer the expertise of their Maths teachers. We offer these at no costs to our partner school within the Edgbaston High School teaching day.


The partnership aims to develop the expertise, practical delivery and confidence of the Maths Department at the Ark Academy.

Pupil Involvement

This shared partnership will benefit pupils of both sexes from ages 11-16.


This partnership began in September 2018 and will hopefully run for a number of years and over time we hope to offer more subjects.

One of our Maths Staff visits the school every Monday afternoon to aid delivery and provide training. The Edgbaston High School Senior Teacher ,Teaching and Learning will be soon be a Governor of the Ark Academy.