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Sponsorship - Education for Binta in The Gambia

Stover Preparatory School sponsored the education of a child called ‘Binta’. The school sponsored her Education in The Gambia and raised money over the years by hosting a book sale and sponsored bike ride. We started sponsoring 'Binta' in 2010 when she was 5.

In 2010, we wrote; "She was five years old on 12th January 2010 and is really looking forward to starting school in her village where, amongst other skills, she will learn English.  Our pupils are most excited about this new special link to Africa and already seeking ways to raise the funds needed to provide Binta with her schooling."

In 2016, pupils at Stover Preparatory School took part in a sponsored charity bike ride to raise funds for Binta's education in The Gambia.


The aim of the partnership was to provide continued education for Binta in her home town.


Established in 1997, The Castellan African Trust (C.A.T.) was started by a UK family on holiday in The Gambia.  Initially this was on a personal basis but soon friends, relatives and work colleagues in the UK  joined in and the Castellan project took off.

The charity has funded the education of well over 200 children many of whom have found jobs or are now in further education. Although access to education was CAT’s first priority it became clear that after paying school fees and helping families  there were surplus funds and work began to help improve village life. Fund-raising activity in the UK began for special events like bringing children back to the U.K. for medical treatment and funding village infrastructure projects, creating jobs and relieving poverty.


Financial assistance was sent to the Trust to support Binta's education. 


Bint's education has been fully funded by the school.

Pupil Involvement

Pupils in the Preparatory School have all been involved in raising money.


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