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Dartmoor School Sports Partnership

As the only Independent School in the Dartmoor School Sport Partnership, and benefiting from extensive grounds and sport facilities, Stover School is often the host for larger events and competitions such as netball, tag rugby, cyclo-cross, rounders and cross country. We welcome hundreds of pupils for each event in order to provide a fun and competitive tournament or competition, which also offers senior students ample volunteer opportunities to become involved in the operation of each event. 


The aim of the partnership is to support schools within our community by offering to host local, regional and national events within the grounds of Stover School.


Stover School support the Dartmoor Schools Sports Partnership by hosting many events including Cross-Country and Mountain Bike races.

The Dartmoor School Sport Partnership (DSSP) is an inclusive hub of excellence who provide a raft of specialist Physical Education and School Sport support. The DSSP consists of 7 specialist Physical Education Teachers enhanced by other coaches and an administrator. They are based and supported at the South Dartmoor Academy and work in local clusters linked with feeder secondary schools from a large area spanning Exmouth to the Devon south coast, down to South Hams and up onto Dartmoor. The DSSP works with 66 primary and secondary schools and also fulfils a strategic role working with Special Schools across the county, and the lead practitioner also sits on the strategic county LOC body who have an overview of the development of school sport within the county.


Stover School provides free access to our facilities on a regular basis. The facilities that are used include netball courts, tennis courts, rugby pitches, hockey pitches and football pitches. In the Summer Term, the pitch areas become an athletics track and cricket pitches and these are used by Partnership Schools.

Pupil Involvement

Our pupils take part in many of the events especially tose in the Preparatory School. The School also hosts many of the events on-site at Stover School. 


This is an on-going activity with events occurring throughout each academic term.