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Stover School

Newton Abbot
TQ12 6QG

T: +44 (0)1626 354505

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ISC ID: 99487


Mr Richard Notman (Head)

Boys - age range:

Day: 3 to 18

Boarding: 8 to 19

Girls - age range:

Day: 3 to 18

Boarding: 8 to 19


436 pupils

Stover School case studies (23)

Sponsors of Young Art Devon


  • Stover School
  • Young Art Devon
  • Cancer Research UK
  • Art and design
  • Community work/fundraising
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Initiatives - The Devon Gardens Trust


  • Stover School
  • Devon County Council
  • Stover Historic Landscape Trust
  • Big Lottery Parks for People Programme
  • Historic England
  • Stover Country Park
  • Community work/fundraising
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Impact of partnership work done in 2019 (ISC annual Census 2020)

  • 50 state schools involved
  • 500+ state school pupils involved
  • 120 staff hours given

Impact Statement

Stover School is a charitable trust which seeks to benefit the public through the pursuit of its stated aims. Our fees are set at a level to ensure the financial viability of the School, whilst remaining accessible to a wide range of the local community.

Scholarships are awarded as a discount on the full boarding or day fees. These awards can also be supplemented by a means tested bursary should the financial circumstances of the family necessitate it.

Academic Scholarships are awarded on the results of scholarship examinations, a pupil interview and a report from the applicant’s current school.

Scholarships are worth between 5 – 15% of fees.



Stover offers scholarships at 11+ (Year 7 entry), 13+ (Year 9 entry) and Sixth Form in the following areas: Academic, Art, Music and Sport. These awards take into account an assessment result, a pupil’s ability, potential, attitude and work ethos.


The Siblings Allowance
Amounts to 10% of the fee discounted for the second child, 20% for the third child in the family; these discounts apply in ascending age order.


The Forces Allowance (Non CEA Package and CEA Package)

Non CEA – Stover School offers a package for service personnel who do not currently benefit from the CEA Allowance.

CEA Package – In collaboration with the MOD’s Continuity of Education Allowance, Stover School has created its own ‘All-Inclusive’ Service Family Package to work alongside the CEA. In addition to the CEA, this means Service Families pay a maximum addition of only 10% including extra charges such as uniform, laundry, Boarding trips and examination fees (see booklet for further details).



Stover School offers Bursaries, to give able children whose parents could not otherwise afford the fees, the opportunity to attend Stover School and to remain at the School until the end of their schooling. The award of a Bursary is subject to an annual review of parental income. For further details of financial assistance, please contact our Registrar.

For further details of any of the financial support available please contact our Registrar on Tel 01626 354505.


  • Academic scholarships
  • Art scholarships
  • Drama scholarships
  • Music scholarships
  • Sport scholarships
  • Sixth Form scholarships
  • H M Forces discounts
  • Sibling discounts
  • Bursaries for new entrants
  • Lump sum payment discounts

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