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Special School/Independent school joint projects

This partnership between an independent and special school is we think, unique, and a source of excitement for the senior teams in both schools. At present our plans include:

A joint fundraising project for a Gambian school providing respite for children with learning difficulties and hope to follow this with a joint school trip to Gambia;
A staff swap week - for staff willing to be challenged by a new environment for a short period of time;
Work experience for Dixie Year 11 students to spend a week at Ellesmere during our work experience week. Suitable for students interested in psychology/teaching;
Duke of Edinburgh sharing of resources and expertise. Our students could help Ellesmere students gain Bronze D of E - could we even get a group of mixed students to qualify together?


For the Dixie students, to bring about an understanding of the unique talents and potential of those of a similar age, but in a very different school. 

To encourage Dixie students to look beyond disability and to challenge preconceptions.


Dixie sports ground and facilities are ideal for helping Ellesmere students gain Bronze D of E accreditiation.Teaching and non-teaching staff will be involved in both schools.