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Special School/Independent school joint projects

This partnership between an independent and special school is we think, unique, and a source of excitement for the senior teams in both schools. At present our plans include:

A joint fundraising project for a Gambian school providing respite for children with learning difficulties and hope to follow this with a joint school trip to Gambia;

A staff swap week - for staff willing to be challenged by a new environment for a short period of time;
Work experience for Dixie Year 11 students to spend a week at Ellesmere during our work experience week. Suitable for students interested in psychology/teaching;

Duke of Edinburgh sharing of resources and expertise.

A joint venture to support the Aylestone Meadows appreciation society in reclaiming the meadows and removing unwanted weeds.


Creating opportunities for students to work together will bring about many opportunities for greater social awareness and confidence. 

For the Dixie students, to bring about an understanding of the unique talents and potential of those of a similar age, but in a very different school. 

To encourage Dixie students to look beyond disability and to challenge preconceptions.



The partnership came about through a friendship between one of the principals of Ellesmere and one of the Deputy Heads at the Dixie.


Dixie sports ground and facilities are ideal for helping Ellesmere students gain Bronze D of E accreditiation.Teaching and non-teaching staff will be involved in both schools.