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Public Exam Collaboration

Students from the Dixie Grammar School are being trained to act as readers for students who require support in external exams. In so doing, they learn a range of new skills and help support those whose needs are otherwise difficult to meet in the context of external exams. 


Maplewell Head teacher contacted us to launch this mutually beneficial project. Maplewell have become a victim of their own success and were in desperate need of a large number invigilator support. Dixie Grammar students returned with new skills having greatly enjoyed the experience. The Headmaster of Maplewell will present Dixie students with certificates in assembly.


It is a new project, but one which will now continue into the future.  


The project will allow Maplewell to continue to expand its GCSE curriculum and examination entries, and will allow increasing numbers of Dixie Sixth Form students the opportunity to learn new skills and enhance their leadership skills. 

Pupil Involvement

12 of our L6 students were involved on this occasion (from a yeargroup of 40). 


On-going and developing relationship between the two schools.