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Sharing Facilities

Many outside theatre groups use the Bridge House Theatre, and other schools/organisations use the Warwick Hall for large-scale events.

The theatre is open to all, providing very affordable, sometimes free, high quality performances and talks to local theatre goers. The facilities are regularly used by the community on a free or discounted basis. Car parks have been free of charge for charity events by Myton Hospice and the local Dragon Boat Festival. Round Oak School use the BHT free of charge for their end of term performances. Myton School annually use Warwick Hall for their prize giving event. Certain community groups and charities use Warwick Hall at heavily discounted rates, including Warwickshire Music among others. The school has hosted local business networking groups such as Leamington Business Forum and Local Enterprise Partnership Champions meetings.

Over the past year, the school has also supported the local 2nd Warwick Sea Scouts in their fundraising drive for a new hut, by offering use of Warwick Hall for a Ball.