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School Governors

Ludgrove identified that it had expertise within its academic and support staff that would be of benefit to local schools' Boards of Governors. Ludgrove staff that wanted to become involved in the project were then given the opportunity to join individual schools as governors.


Ludgrove has a wealth of expertise both in its classrooms and behind the scenes. It also knows the benefit of a strong and resourceful Board of Governors. By enabling staff to share their knowledge and experience with local schools, pupils of all ages are able to enjoy the advantages of an enhanced school environment. In return, staff are able to learn from good practices and adapt them in their own workplace.


Through Ludgrove's discussion individual schools and its own teaching and support staff.


Ludgrove School enables a number of its teaching and support staff to have the time and resources to go support this group of schools on their Board of Governors.


The two primary schools have fed back that the partnership with Ludgrove has had a significant positive impact with its pupils and their ability to understand and engage with subject, activities, teachers and their peers.

Pupil Involvement

Pupils of all ages, gender and cultural background benefit from the experience, enthusiasm and dedication that Ludgrove staff bring to the schools' Boards of Governors.


This is an on-going project that happens as and when required during term time.