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Drama Production Support

Ludgrove has opened up its drama department and resources to allow the school to use costumes and props for its end of year productions. The end result is a more professional production where pupils can see the benefits of these resources and how it can build performers confidence in their characters.


To enable the school to stage a better quality production for its leavers and their families. It also exposes pupils to a school drama department for the first time before they move on to secondary school and have the option to study drama.


Through Ludgrove's discussion with the the Year 6 teachers at St Teresa's.


Costumes and props within Ludgrove's Drama department.


St Teresa's has fed back that the partnership with Ludgrove has had a significant positive impact with its pupils and the performance that it stages at the end of Year 6.

Pupil Involvement

St Teresa's Year 6 pupils.


The school production happens annually at the end of the summer term for Year 6 leavers.