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I have been the Chairman for the ESU for four years. I initiated a local branch membership – currently now 230+ with whom we run public speaking programmes for schools.

We also sponsor students to study in the US, and assist in training pupils who would not otherwise have the opportunity to compete in public speaking.


When I began, there were NO pupils competing in local public speaking.

This year, after our training and encouragement, two thirds of the pupils competition were from the maintained sector.

I also set up a local state primary school teachers’ training to teach debating.


English Speaking Union – been a member over 30 years

 The organisation had died in this area in 2008, I initiated it from scratch with a committee I assembled, in October 2014; creating 230 members


I have held some heats of the contests here, our school has won the national championships a few times (beating hundreds of top schools), little financial contribution from the school as I have raised funds from the 230 members I have outside the school. Some former pupils are on the local committee, one of whom was a national winning speaker.

I also run events to generate income for the ESU with speakers. One of whom has been a former pupil and one our Chairman of governors.


My being Chairman put Farnborough Hill at the heart of the contest and the organisation, still former speakers invited to give talks, Sa former pupil is now working there this year on a GAP year in London, furthering the training for pupils – a clear case of passing on skills to future generations.

Pupil Involvement

Yes, in the contests our school pupils are involved and winners often, and staff too in coaching, and then beyond with former girls form the school being at the helm of the new initiatives in the ESU locally

The contest is for pupils 10 – 18 years of both gender