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Compliance and Full Inspector

Ongoing work as an Inspector


Due to experience in both the state and independent sectors, and long-standing work with pupils with special needs, a member of staff was asked to assess a school last year with pupils with severe SEN, to check and assist with their compliance with statutory regulations; the Head wrote that this was of enormous benefit to the school and that the Inspector acted with compassion. The Inspector has also assessed a top independent school with a full inspection.


Independent Schools Inspectorate – been an inspector for over 11 years




The benefits to Farnborough Hill: it was helpful for our preparation with our own inspection – the member of staff spoke with many personnel to prep with questions and focus on what we may encounter in an inspection.

The member of staff is permitted to attend inspections and training days as part of her own Professional Development; this is the best training anyone can have in all aspects. The outcomes from her Full Inspections have been awarded outstanding each year and so she was asked to become a Compliance Inspector. The outcome review has changed in nature but she had very favourable assessments of her work and has had two invitations already to do more. Obviously, she only works around her own school commitments.

Pupil Involvement