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A bespoke Latin programme delivered to Y5 and 6 children from a local primary school by our Sixth Form students.


  • To share a love of classics with younger pupils
  • To give an opportunity for students to experience teaching and mentoring
  • To increase literacy skills
  • To heighten communication skills


The project is part of a nationwide initiative using the Minumis programme to deliver Latin to primary school children. Students from Farnborough Hill have been involved for 10 years. 


Resources are minimal: students deliver the course after school at St Bernadette's, making use of the Minimus books and some IT.


Farnborough Hill students:

Classics degrees, UCAS, communication, confidence, consolidates learning, lesson planning, responsibility, time-keeping


St Bernadette's pupils: literacy, language skills, extending and stretching, intellectually challenging, calm learning environment, confidence, positive role models, opportunity to enter competition

Pupil Involvement

Five Sixth Form students and Y5 & 6 primary school students


Weekly lessons during term time