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Aldershot and District Schools Athletics Association Executive Committee

Farnborough Hill hosts the Junior District Cross Country Championships along with other Cross Country and Athletics events organised by the ADSAA. We also host a Primary schools cross Country league fixture each year.

Emily Harrison is an Officer on the Executive Committee and is involved in team managing at County Schools Athletics and Cross Country Championships.


To provide a platform for pupils to partake in athletics on a competitive level


Aldershot and District Schools Athletics Association is an association that organises Cross-Country, Track and Field Athletics and Combined Events for all Secondary Schools in the District.


Farnborough Hill School grounds, PE staff and Grounds staff are used to host some of the ADSAA annual events


Health and well-being


Healthy competition

Recognition of talent / skill

Pupil Involvement

Girls from Farnborough Hill (Age 11-18years) participate in the competitions and events. 

Girls also gain leadership opportunities i.e. marshalling, providing support to officials etc.

Year 5/6 from local Primary schools also involved in participation.


On-going – Annual events