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Minimus Latin project

Every spring term, a group of Sixth Form students from NHEHS work with a group of Year 5 and 6 pupils from North Ealing Primary School to teach them Latin, using the Minimus course. In recent years, the North Ealing Primary/NHEHS group have won several prizes in the group section of the Minimus Mythology Competition. 



The Minimus Project aims to provide the opportunity for primary school students, who otherwise may not have had the chance to learn Latin, to experience the subject and learn the basics of the language. It also gives the Sixth Form Latin students the chance to teach the subject, encouraging them to make it as enthusiastic and accessible as possible, whilst giving them the opportunity to be involved in local schools. Their own Latin skills are also tested through writing a play in Latin which the students then perform.



The partnership has now been running for over five years, established by the Classics Department at NHEHS.




The project requires some enthusiastic sixth form students, a timetabled slot after school on Wednesdays that is agreed by both schools, and use of the Minimus textbooks. Financial support is needed for the purchase of the textbooks and for printing materials. One member of teaching staff accompanies the sixth form students to North Ealing Primary on a weekly basis, but the students are involved in actually carrying out the activities. It is therefore important that there are lots of sixth formers who are eager to help and to be involved.




The project is very popular and there are always lots of students from North Ealing Primary who want to take part. They cover the basics of the Latin language, as well as exploring how much English vocabulary derives from Latin words. After they have developed their understanding of basic Latin they then rehearse and perform a play in Latin, giving them a further knowledge of Latin vocabulary as well as an understanding of popular mythology and Ancient Roman culture. In 2013,  2014 and 2015, the NHEHS/North Ealing Primary school partnership won a group prize in the Minimus Mythology competition


Pupil Involvement


Year 12 and Year 13 Latin students from NHEHS work with a class of Year 5 and 6 students from North Ealing Primary.




The Project takes place every Wednesday afternoon between January to March, and each session runs for half an hour.