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Maths Masterclasses

Maths Masterclasses for boys and girls from local state primary schools to join with King's House School pupils for weekly sessions to explore Maths outside of the classroom.


To provide opportunities for gifted and talented mathematicians to explore a variety of mathematical concepts beyond what they are exposed to in the classroom. Speakers come from a variety of different schools and institutions to give the pupils insight into mathematics outside school. The pupils benefited from opportunities which would not have been available in their own schools and feedback from pupils and adults showed that the sessions fulfilled the aims of the project.


The project was established by Christine Chui, Head of Maths at King's House School and invitations to the other schools were sent out in September 2015. The weekly sessions started in October 2015 and ran for six weeks. The project was a new one, but there are hopes for it to continue.

Pupil Involvement

Pupils from King's House School took part in the project as well as 4 Year 6 pupils from each of the partner state schools.


The project ran for six weeks, but it is hoped that it can be repeated.