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England Rugby Training Camp at KHSG

In May 2022, King’s House School Sports Ground hosted the England Men’s Senior Rugby Squad for a two day training camp. The second day included an open training session, where over 500 children from local schools watched them train. King’s House and Hammersmith Academy pupils then took part in a training session led by Eddie Jones and his coaching staff. 


To increase the accessibility of elite-level sports for children in the local area.


The training camp was facilitated through the school’s Enterprises Manager, Sports Ground team, and England Rugby operational staff. 


The training camp used the school’s Sports Ground facilities for two days. During this team King's House staff involved included the Groundsmen, Enterprises Manager, Marketing Manager, PE Department, and teaching staff supervision during the event. 


The open training session was able to reach and inspire many local school pupils, providing access to elite level sports. Pupils had the incredible opportunity to meet England Rugby players and coaching staff.

Pupil Involvement

Year 7 pupils from King’s House, and pupils from Hammersmith Academy took part in the coaching session, lasting roughly 45 minutes.

Over 500 children from local independent and state schools watched their training session, including: Hammersmith Academy, Kew College Prep, Chiswick School, St James School for Girls, St James Prep School, and West London Free School.


A one off morning event in May 2022.

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