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Community Engagement and Events

King's House School is active within the local community, hosting events for local organisations, providing a venue for workshops and classes, and fundraising for local charities. 

Fundraising events for The School and Family Works Organisation, Streets of Growth Charity and The Holly Lodge Centre have been held at the King's House School. 

Now in its 10th year as a Charitable Sports Trust, Brentford Community Sports Trust continue to develop as one of the leading providers of sports, education and career opportunities in West London.  The football event hosted at King's House Sports Ground with teams and players from Brentford, Northampton and Oxford.

Term time weekly sessions in performing arts and Tai Chi are hosted at King's House School, as well as regular courses for expectant parents. These sessions are open to local community. 

The school plays host to a number of local organisations, including The Friends of Richmond Park and Albert's Community Association, for both annual AGM and community events. 


To actively contribute to the local community. 

Theses events are about participation, inclusion and engagement with the community. 


These events are ongoing.