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KS2 Dance Festival

An inclusive festival to celebrate music and dance.

Primary schools in the local area are invited to take part in a workshop where local senior GCSE dance pupils teach the primary children and their teachers a dance routine, which is recorded for them to take away and practise. Then they are invited to a dress rehearsal to practise their rouitne and then the public/parents are invited to watch the performances.



An inclusive celebration forpupils to experience and engage in expressive dance.

To give the children the experience of performing in front of an audience.

To bring schools together, make use of Prestfelde facilities to positively impact upon pupil's experiences.

For children to value and respect each other positively through a common theme.


It was identified that Prestfelde children would benefit from having more dance within the curriculum. When establishing a dance club we found that there was no dance festivals or competitions to participate in. Therfore, we linked with other Primary schools to create this here at Prestfelde.

We also linked to a local dance academy to enable us to create a pathway to further support the children if they wanted to continue their progress in dance outside school.

This started in 2018 and we are looking forward to planning the next event in 2019. 


The Prestfelde Theatre was the centre of the festival as it gave enough room for dance but also to enable audiences to come and watch.

We linked with Shrewsbury college of Arts and Technology, where the students who were studying Performing Arts did the lighting and the sound. 


Creation of school dance clubs.

Links to dance academy

Strengthening the links to local Primary and Senior maintained schools and higher education.

Children's development of self esteem and furthering their passion and abilities through dance.

Create a passsion and love for dance.



Pupil Involvement

Participants Primary 7-11 years 

Engaging GCSE students Year 10-11

Work experience for HE students Year 12-13


On-going annually