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KS1 Athletics event

An inclusive 'have a go' athletics event. 

Mixed teams from many schools take part in developmentally approriate athelics activities in a non competitive environment.

Local Senior School children are given the opportunity and experience of becoming sports leaders.



To reach out and work with the wider community and to raise self esteem and enable all children to appreciate their abilities.

Raising the profile of partnership working and giving back to our community.

To work in partnership with disadvantaged Senior schools, giving their pupils an opportunity to become sports leaders.


Prestfelde's Director of Sports development and community links established this group working in partnership with the School games organiser.

The partnership has been running for 5 years.


Prestfelde staff organise, host and staff the event. 

Prestfelde School site and resources.

Food for the day (packed lunches and local produce for the mayors team tea) supplied by Prestfelde School.


Evidence of leadership and particpation for Senior School pupils qualifications.

Participation in sports and activities that are new to them.

Development of sporting skills and ettiquette.

Socialisation and working as a team with children from the community.

Respect and understanding of abilities.

To enable children to have specialist sports coaching.

120 children take part on the day.

20 sports leaders from local schools 

20 of Prestfelde Year 8 children lead events.

Mayor and local dignitaries attend.


Pupil Involvement

Year 2 - 7 y6+7 years from Prestfelde and local Maintained schools + Severndale Specilist School.

Year 8 leaders from Prestfelde School.

Year 9-10 leaders from local Senior schools


Annual event in the summer term.