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Girls football

Up and Commers coaching and links in partnership with Prestfelde School sports staff, to develop a Girls Football club.


To provide opportunitites to create a community Girls football team.

For girls to have the opportunity to access quality coaching, play football, and take part in competition.


Prestfelde School started to offer girls football throughout the school. To be able to provide this well, we needed to make contact with local providers to enable more girls involved to make this enjoyable and competitive.


Coaching staff





To add breadth and equality in what the school already offers in partnership with our local community.

The amount of girls in attendance.

Raising aspirations by experiencing quality coaching and teaching to further fulfill their interests and holistic passion for the sport.

Pupil Involvement

under 11 girls.

Senior children's involvement in the coaching and umpiring of training and games.


16 week course which will lead onto further sessions