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Enquiring Teachers Programme (ETP)

The Enquiring Teacher Programme (ETP) is a partnership project between the seven Guildford Educational Partnership Schools, RGS, City of London Freemen's and Epsom College to allow teachers to engage in year long action research in their school. The project provides a launch training day, twilight sessions, five coaching points with an external coach and a celebration dinner. Staff may work as individuals or in pairs or groups and can also work across schools and phases. At the end of the project groups write an article and these are published in a journal. 


To enable staff to engage in action research. Staff CPD. School development. Sharing of research. Sharing of research within school and across schools via presentation and publication.


The project exists since it was established at the RGS 4 years ago. In the second year Tom Shimell at the RGS widened the project to the GEP and St John's. The partnership has therefore existed since September 2016.


Research lead staff member identified at each school. St John's host launch event. George Abbot School host twilight sessions. RGS host the celebration evening. RGS oversee publication of the journal.

Regular meetings between school research leads to administer project and review effectiveness.



Publication of journal. Impact on school practice and policy.

Pupil Involvement

None - staff only.


On-going event.

Annual launch, twilight sessions and celebration dinner.

Annual publication of journal.

Half termly coaching sessions.