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Kings College Support

Following the succesful Ofsted re-inspection in Dec 2018 which resulted in Kings being judged to be a 'Good' school, our links with Kings have remained but developed.

The focus of the support is now in Physics (GCSE separate science teaching & staff CPD) and Maths (Y9-Y10 algebra & Y11 revision lessons) looking to provide extention to the more able pupils.

There are occasional links with English. We are alwasy open to other links.

Physics: RGS staff teach weekly lessons at RGS. Kings pupils travel to us by minibus with a member of Kings staff. RGS Physics staff have a timetabled lesson in lieu of teaching afterschool. Sometimes a whole day (an activity day) has been used to provide deeper learning. We are just starting to consider providing staff CPD for other non-specialist Kings staff.

Maths: 12 Y9 Kings pupils travel to the RGS for weekly Maths extention in algebra. These lessons occur in our activity time and therefore RGS Sixth Form pupils plan and teach the lessons with RGS staff supervision. Recently, RGS staff have also travelled to Kings to deliver revision sessions for Y11 Kings pupils in the run-up to their GCSEs.

English: Provide whole year group English enrichment opportunities via author visits.


To teach Kings Y11 pupils the separate science content for GCSE Physics.

To support delivery of other Physics teaching.

To support the Physics/science technician.

To teach able Kings Y9 pupils GCSE alegbra.

To provide revision lessons for Y11 Kings pupils.

To provide support for Kings maths teachers.

To provide enrichment opportunities for Kings pupils via author visits.


These links grew from our previous support for Kings as part of the Kings alliance.

The original opportunity was identified by the GEP CEO and RGS Headmaster

Partnership existing for 3 years.


RGS staff time. Timetabled lessons. (One per week for Physics and Maths)

Use of RGS labs and classrooms

Kings able to provide own transport

RGS pay for resources. RGS pay for author visits.

No cost to Kings.


Kings provide qualitative and quantative feedback that the sessions have a positive impact on the GCSE grades of the pupils involved.

Annual assessment.

Anticipated outcomes are improved GCSE grades and improved engagement with Physics and Maths.

Pupil Involvement

RGS pupils: 12 Sixth Form pupils involved in Maths provision.

Kings pupils: 10-15 Y11 for Physics. 9-12 Y9 for Maths.


Weekly engagement for Physics and Maths.

Annual engagement for English.