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Primary School Chess Clubs

As part of our General Studies Programme for Sixth Form pupils in partnership with Guildford High School, we are running two extracurricular chess clubs at Primary Schools - Sandfield and Holy Trinity Primary Schools. The Sixth Form, pupils volunteer, choosing the option from the suite of courses available, and run the chess club for a rotation of six weeks. The rotations last throughout the year. Each rotation involves 12 RGS/GHS pupils. At Sandfield 27 boys and girls from Y3-Y6 attend and at Holy Trinity over 30 pupils attend from Y3-Y6. RGS have donated 15 chess sets to Sandfield School. The impact is already evident:

The Sandfield Headteacher commented "This is a really inspirational partnership. One of our school aims this year is to increase the extracurricular opportunities for our pupils and the chess club is helping with this. The pupils are really enthusiastic and excited by the club - we have more than can attend and have a waiting list. It is wonderful seeing the RGS and GHS students acting as such amazing role models for our pupils. It's been fantastic seeing equal numbers of boys and girls attending the club and beginners up to some very talented players."

A teacher commented "[pupil X] is absolutely buzzing about the chess club - it is exactly what he needs - he can't stop talking about it."


To provide Sixth Form role models for Primary pupils.

To provide an extracurricular afterschool club.

To promote chess.

Success - equal numbers of boys and girls; large numbers over a range of year groups; pupils to enjoy the sessions


Both Sandfield and Holy Trinity are known to us via our other outreach work and we have good relations with their Headteachers.

Tom Shimell (AH Partnerships) identified the opportunity during routine contact with Headteachers about outreach work.

Relationships go back 5-10 years. This chess partnership has existed for 1 year. But the Sandfield club has only existed for 1 month


15x Chess sets

RGS member of staff for 1h per week


Anecdotal feedback from staff and Headteacher

Pupil Involvement



c.60 pupils at two schools


Weekly event

Continues September - Easter

Will be reviewed each annually.