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Hampton School Primary Schools Maths Wizard Competition

The Hampton School Primary Schools Maths Wizard Competition is an annual event aimed at Year 5 pupils.


Teams of Year 5 pupils from each school tackle a range of maths challenges in the annual Hampton School Primary Schools Maths Wizard Competition.

The event is designed to show case how rewarding and exciting learning maths can be, as well as promote team work and problem solving in a fun environment.


The Hampton School Mathematics Department host and run the event for local primary schools, supported by the Hampton School Admissions Department who coordinate administrative details and communicate with the local schools. The event is held in the Hammond Theatre and all resources are funded by the School.


Mrs Hannah Clarke, the Hampton Maths teacher who oversees the running of the event, said: 

"This is a fun competition that promotes team work and problem solving. Our mission is to instil a love of learning maths in all the pupils who attend."

Pupil Involvement

Pupils are in Year 5 at their local primary school and both boys and girls are invited to the event. At the Maths Wizard competition held in May 2019, 23 local primary schools participed involving 115 pupils.

Schools involved in 2019 were as follows: Barnes Primary School, Buckingham Primary School, Chennestone Primary School, Christ Church Church of England Primary School, Cleves School, East Sheen Primary School, Esher Church School, Grove Road Primary School, Hampton Hill Junior School, Hampton Junior School, Hollymount School, Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School, Hounslow Heath Junior School, Latchmere School, Nelson Primary School, St Agatha's Catholic Primary School, St James’s Catholic Primary School, St John the Baptist Church of England Junior School, St Michael’s Church of England Primary School, St Richard's Primary School, Strand on the Green Junior School, The Queen’s Church of England School and The Vineyard School.

The event continues to grow each year.


This is an ongoing annual event, which takes place in May of each year.