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Governance and Co-operation

Patnership on various collaborative activities started in 2016. Mr Edward Balfour, Headmaster Beechwood Park, was apoointed a governor in September 2018.Patnership aims to broaden the experience of pupils and staff of both schools and support Markyate School with collaborative learning opportunities and provide training and governace. 


Aim to become more involved in local community and provide outreach opportunities.

Mr Balfour sits on the Markyate School Resources Committee and has specific responsibility for English and Maths. He acts a critical friend to the Head Teacher.


Initial appraoch from Beechwood Park and subsequent dialogue between Heads led to a joint Christingle service in 2016.


Time to carry out governance and arrange mutual activities.

Provision of transport for Markyate to visit.


Increased mutual understanding between pupils and staff of both schools.

Enhanced community relations.

Pupil Involvement

Years 3 to 5 from both schools.


Christingle service to continue annual;ly.

Governance continuing.

Other opportunities as they arise; use of facilities including swimming pool and provision of teaching.