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Care for the elderly in the community with The Eastbury Residential Home

Our Year 12 students all participate in a weekly community service programme, which involves visiting the elderly in both residential and their own homes.  The programme has benefits for both the pupils as well as those they visit as the girls learn that their world extends beyond the classroom.  In Sixth Form, the opportunity to give back to the community is a vital component of our co-curricular programme.  Through the programme, the girls are encouraged to create a meaningful link between their School life and the wider community.  The voluntary work that the Sixth Form students undertakes helps the girls to develop into well-rounded, thoughtful members of the wider community.


The aim of the partnership is to enable our pupils to create meaningful relationships with the elderly residents in our community through chatting and helping them with simple tasks.


The school has a long relationship with this care home over many years.  Many of the residents have had some relationship with the school.

Pupil Involvement

At least three pupils visit Eastbury Care home every week.  At the end of each term the pupils arrange a tea party and host it at school.


This activity is weekly and will continue for the forseeable future.