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Modern Pentathlon Academy

The Academy gives children in the local area the opportunity to work towards a pentathlon. There is a weekly fencing and shooting club, and swimming and running training is also available. Children take part in the sports of biathlon/biathle(swimming, running), triathlon (run, swim, shoot) and tetrathlon (run, swim, shoot and fencing). The club caters for all abilities of athletes - from grass roots up to talent programme with children representing Great Britain under the guidance of a full time pentathlon.

The Academy organises events so that schools in the local community can come and take part in events at Leweston School.  Regular training days occur with outside specialist coaches.


The aims of the project are to give children from the wider community the opportunity to take part in the modern pentathlon. For the talented athletes, involvement helps them to achieve their full potential in the sport. The aim is also to organise events so that schools in the local community can come and take part. 


Leweston recognised the need to raise the awareness of sport and fitness.


Full use of the School's facilities (swimming pool, fencing and shooting equipment, sports hall) and specialist staff.

Pupil Involvement

The Pentathlon Academy has involvement of boys and girls from the age of 7 up to 18. 


The Penthalon Academy runs weekly shooting and fencing club.  The opportunity for swimming training four times a week and training days on a monthly basis.  The School also runs an Easter and Summer Camp for triathlon/tetrathalon which is a non-residential or residential camp lasting six days - open to all children in the local community.

Leweston School also runs eight events a year open to schools and clubs in the region from biathle, triathle and tetrathlon events.