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Duke of Edinburgh Community Service

Pupils on the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme support the local community through a range of charity work ranging from conservation to youth work, fundraising to caring for animals. Pupils have worked at the RSPCA, local charity shops, care homes, local schools and nurseries and in youth groups. Some pupils have gone beyond their local volunteering roles to work with the National Citizenship Service Scheme as well as participating in international projects such as helping those with disabilities travel to Lourdes. 


Volunteering is one of the key elements of all of the Duke of Edinburgh Award levels. The provision allows pupils to enrich their education by ensuring they have a wide exposure to and understanding of their community. It also supports organisations in the local area that depend on volunteering for their sucess. 

Pupil Involvement

Bronze, Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh is available to pupils from Year 9 to Year 12.


New groups take on the Awards annually.