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Mr John Paget-Tomlinson (Head)

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Impact of partnership work done in 2018 (ISC annual Census 2019)

  • 14 state schools involved
  • 100 to 200 state school pupils involved
  • 200 staff hours given

Impact Statement

We ran an RAF 100 day funded by the Institute of Physics/Ogden Trust in June 2018. This event was open to all North Dorset/South Somerset Ogden Hub schools to attend.
They were given a talk by representatives from the Institute of Physics on aerodynamics and Flight and then they spent time building and testing gliders. Some of our year 12 Physicists also provided practical support for this event working with groups of students.
A Professor of Physics from Southampton University came and did an evening Lecture at the School in the Spring/Summer term last year. This was open to the general public and a small group of Students from our school, Huish Episcopi and Sherborne Boys school also attended- invited through our contacts in the North Dorset/South Somerset Ogden Trust Physics Hub. The lecture was aimed at year 12/13 and above though some interested younger students from years 7, 8 and 10 did attend. Approximately 50-100 people attended this event.

We held two full RE days in June involving two local state schools. The two days focussed on Catholic Social Teaching. Two topics covered The Plight of Refugees and the other Water. We did simulation games and lost of fun activities with time for reflection. Students enjoyed the use of our grounds and sports facilities. The especially enjoyed the lunch and tea. Feedback was very positive and appreciative.
Hosted schools netball festival in February - 100 pupils and 7 schools attended. This helped develop pupils netball skills and offered staff development for primary school staff.
Sherborne Area Primary schools used the Leweston netball courts as their venue for the annual District Netball Tournament
In February we hosted the U12/U13 North Dorset netball tournament to which lots of state schools were invited.
Invited all local primary schools to a boys’ Floodlit Football Tournament in October 2018
Taster days for Pentathlon to introduce children from a wider audience to biathle and triathle and to encourage children to get involved and make children and parents aware of the academy at Leweston.
Leweston host the SW National Schools biathle, triathle and laser run competitions, which primary school children are able to attend and participate in
A show jumping competition is held in September which is open to a wider network of pupils and gives an opportunity for pupils to take part in a local competition.
North District Yr 5 and 6 swimming gala is held here which is aimed at developing swimming skills for pupils.
In June the North Dorset Tennis tournament is held here aimed at a wide audience of children.
Our facilities are used by Sherborne Storm Swimming Club and also Terrapins learn to swim classes: a huge number of primary school children attend these sessions.
We hold the Joint Schools Symphony Orchestra and Sinfonia Orchestra at Leweston, which involves SS, SG, Leweston, the IC and The Gryphon. This allows children from The Gryphon who are musically able to perform in an orchestra that will raise their ability level, that will allow them to perform in varied concert venues, and will give the opportunity to play in a concert outside the local area (last year it was The Victoria Rooms in Bristol, this year it is the Sheldonian in Oxford).

A group of Swedish musicians visited via the Douzelage exchange scheme. This also involved the Gryphon School. This gave the musically able the opportunity to work with musicians from Europe to be exposed to a different musical culture and to be part of concerts in a different performance venue as part of newly formed ensembles. Our director of music has also taken on the role as Education Chair for Sherborne Douzelage where she process offers of joint educational projects with other European Douzelage towns, and offers them to the private and state schools in the Sherborne area.
Local primary schools are always invited to our Summer Productions. This year 3 primary schools attended.

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