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Year 4 Mathematics Challenge

The annual Year 4 Aldwickbury Mathematics Challenge saw a group of 120 enthusiastic and talented mathematicians from 28 schools undertake a series of challenges. The tasks are set by Douglas Buchanan who runs a series of successful challenges around the country (DC Beagle Challenges). The tasks are a series of mathematics challenges, with an aim to have fun. Each school is invited to bring two pairs to participate in the event. 


The aim is to provide a range of challenging but fun mathematical activities to children in Year 4.


Douglas Buchanan provides two Mathematical Challenges at Aldwickbury School each Year. One for Year 4 and another for Year 6.


The event is held in the Chidell Hall. Year 8 boys from Aldwickbury act as both hosts and markers of the challenges. Refreshments are provided to all of the contestants and spectators. Every participant recieves a certificate and the winners are given a mathematically themed prize.


The event is aimed at challenging children in mathematical activities that require to apply reasoning skills and mathematical knowledge.

Pupil Involvement

Year 4 children.


The Aldwickbury Year 4 Mathematics Challenge is an annual event.