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Languages Week - The Linden and Vale Academies

As part of Languages week, 128 Year 3 children from the Vale and Linden Academies visited Aldwickbury's French cafe! The cafe has opened annually for Year 6 & 7 boys for a number of years. This year, it opened its door to very enthuastic Year 3 children who were keen to try out pastries, hot chocolate and fruit.


For Year 3 children to experience the feeling of having breakfast at a French cafe. Allowing them to order in French and purchase the food using toy euros.


To support The Linden and Vale's SMSC enrichment programme.


French cafe food, pretend euros to purchase the food, music and decorations. Held at Aldwickbury School's Castle diningroom. Hosted by Aldwickbury school's languages department and Year 7 boys.

Pupil Involvement

Year 3 children.


Annual event.