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Weekly Maths Club

Groups of our Senior girls help out at the upper KS1/lower KS2 maths club each week.


For St Luke's children it is the chance for more one to one interactive maths. For our girls it is to get experience of working and volunteering with younger pupils. 

St Luke's suggested this particular activity as one that would be of benefit to their pupils. For it to be a success the St Luke's pupils and staff should feel it is beneficial. 

The beneficiaries are their pupils, staff and parents. 


The partnership came about following a meeting between St Luke's staff and members of the St Margaret's SLT to discuss ways we could work together. 

This activity began in January 2016. 


Our girls are taken to St Luke's by a member of our teaching staff. It lasts 30 minutes each week. 

Pupil Involvement

Their pupils are aged 6 to 9. Ours are aged 11 to 14. 


It is weekly and will continue while it is felt to be beneficial.