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University Applications

CLS proudly provides bespoke support to pupils from a range of state schools as they prepare their applications to elite universities. Pupils from across and beyond the Family of Schools are invited to attend a range of Higher Education and Careers events to support their application and to demystify the options open for their future.






CLS has a longstanding commitment to working with other schools to help with university admissions:

In 2020 this included:


CLS provided Oxbridge and Medical School preparation support, including mock interviews, for pupils from a range of schools, including Oasis Academy, Southbank and Newham Collegiate Sixth Form (NCH) We are delighted to be preparing for an Oxbridge pilot programme working alongside our partner school COLA Southwark to provide bespoke, structured and sustained support for pupils who aspire towards studying at Oxbridge. 

 Pupils from the City of London Corporation Academies take part in the annual US Universities Forum, which helps prepare pupils for applications to US universities. We are delighted that four NCS pupils received five offers to study at elite North American universities, in part as a result of our support.  In addition, pupils from the Family of Schools participate in our series of Careers talks with expert speakers leading sessions on a wide range of careers, from Maths to journalism.  A recent Careers in Maths talk was attended by 85 young people from across the Family of Schools, keen to learn more about opportunities open to them.

In Autumn 2020, CLS also worked with NCS to create a pilot programme of reciprocal Oxbridge interviews in a range of subjects.

Case Study – Support for Russell Group, Oxbridge and Medical School Applicants from Oasis Academy, South Bank

Since 2019, CLS has supported pupils from a new Sixth Form in Lambeth with their university interview preparation. Oasis Academy South Bank is a secondary school serving a community historically underrepresented at the UK’s top universities. In 2020, over half of Oasis Academy’s Sixth Form won places at Russell Group institutions.

This year, we have adopted a more systematic approach to the partnership with sessions delivered to pupils at the end of Year 12 on the application process, personal statements, aptitude tests and supra-curricular commitments. This was followed with interview practice, feedback and further advice in the run-up to the real interviews in November and December.


A signficant number of staff contribute to these events and programmes. The majority are planned and delivered at CLS.


We get extremely positive feedback about the impact of the support we provide.

'The US University support we have received from CLS has been superlative.  Our students and staff have benefitted greatly from her expertise and knowledge of the US application system.  CLS has run several sessions where she presented to students on how to make a competitive application, provided detailed advice on SAT/ACT preparation and spent a whole day taking students through the US Common Application.  Furthermore, the session on how to write an effective US essay was also extremely well received by students. We are all immensely grateful to City of London School for supporting our US University Programme which this year saw four students receive 5 offers to Harvard, Princeton and MIT all on full financial aid.  It is not exaggeration to say without support and good counsel from CLS I am not sure whether this would have been possible.' Mouhssin Ismail, Headteacher, Newham Collegiate Sixth Form

'City of London School has supported students from Oasis Academy South Bank with mock interviews over the last two years to help put them on an even footing with their more advantaged peers at Oxford, Cambridge and Med Schools. The teachers at CLS are both knowledgeable in their subject, savvy about preparing teenagers for university interview techniques, and go out of their way to help others when they can. Our school has a wide spread of academic talent, and the top attainers benefit hugely from being exposed to the mock interviews that they have organised for us – they realise that they are a small fish in a big pond and always come out of the mock interviews with practical tips for how to improve. At a time when resources are stretched and school logistics are more complex and fraught than ever, this collaboration between the private and state sector is a significant aid to us.’ Michael Slavinsky, Assistant Associate Principal, Oasis Academy South Bank


“Dr Pearce gave me a mock interview for Medicine which helped me hugely. He was kind and encouraging, but he also gave me some really solid advice: I have to stay abreast of the news in medicine beyond just Covid 19! He pushed me on my answers, and he was never satisfied with general points – he made me really think and I had to expand on my answers which is something I can now take into my real interview. He made me defend things from my personal statement and forced me to consider what I would do if the interviews disagreed with my views. I definitely think I know how to prepare for my next interview better – whether it’s how to act on camera or how to talk about my passions in the subject in a more eloquent way.” – James, Year 13 student, Oasis Academy South Bank


Pupil Involvement

Years 11, 12 and 13.

CLS Pupils (Year 12) run the annual Medical Conference.


Single and annual events.