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City of London 'Family of Schools'

The City of London Corporation has one maintained primary school, eight sponsored academies as part of the City of London Academies Trust, and two co-sponsored academies in neighbouring boroughs. It also supports three independent schools.

In its pursuit of educational excellence, the City Corporation has drawn these schools together, collectively known as 'the City of London Family of Schools'. These schools are engaged in establishing and sharing a collective ethos based on what will be known as the 'Foundations of the City schools'.

The City schools are committed to:

developing partnerships
sharing best practice
learning from each other
exploring opportunities to become more efficient through greater collaboration.

We are proud to be part of the City of London Corporation ‘Family of Schools’ and in 2019 we collaborated in a number of areas.


At CLS, we are active partners. We have a strong relationship with the City of London Corporation and the other City Schools, including the City of London School for Girls.

A key element of our Strategic Vision 2019-24 is: 'We are proud to be part of the City of London Corporation’s family of schools, and we realise that this provides opportunities both to learn and contribute. We will seek to expand the scope for our boys to work and learn with pupils from City of London School for Girls, so they understand that through working with and understanding others, we are strengthened ourselves. We will also develop our partnership work with the City of London academies, learning from each other to improve what we do, for the benefit of young people from across London.'

The City schools are committed to:

developing partnerships
sharing best practice
learning from each other
exploring opportunities to become more efficient through greater collaboration.

With the appointment of our Director of Partnerships at City of London School and City of London School for Girls, part of our strategic development of partnership work has involved greater collaboration with the Family of Schools and City of London School for Girls.  We have created a Partnership Forum to enable the building of powerful strategic relationships across our partner schools, enabling a dialogue to develop between schools and for collaboration to take place.  This has enabled us to share a range of enrichment opportunities brokered by CLS and CLSG, working alongside cultural and employment leaders to create and facilitate access to inspiring opportunities for young people beyond our immediate school communities.  We continue to be committed to further developing these links and are proud to take a facilitating role in sector-leading collaboration between schools as we collaborate and share educational opportunities, playing a significant part in the development of a true 21st Century education within and beyond our school community.


The City of London Corporation and its Family of Schools are committed to delivering world-class education based on a broad and balanced approach to develop the whole child and create a lifelong love of learning.

In July 2018, the Education Board approved three new strategies for 2019-2023. The Education Strategy 2019-2023 focuses on ensuring that pupils in the Family of Schools have access to transformative and inclusive education which enables them to flourish and to reach their potential. It commits to enabling pupils to develop their skills and have high quality exposure to the world of work at all stages of education.

The Cultural and Creative Learning Strategy 2019-2023 commits to enabling all pupils to enrich their education through high quality and systematic access to the City’s cultural, heritage and environmental assets. This strategy focuses on the development of ‘Fusion Skills’, the combination of creative, technical, educational and emotional skills which are needed for success in the 21st century which can be harnessed through participation in cultural and creative activity.

The Skills Strategy 2019-2023 represents the Corporation’s commitment to enable lifelong learning, supporting citizens to reach their full potential and contribute to a diverse workforce. This strategy includes the Corporation’s commitment to developing the employability of those furthest from the labour market through adult learning, training and apprenticeships.

The three Strategies have been summarised into short summary booklet. Download the Education, Cultural and Creative Learning and Skills Strategies Overview.

To support the delivery of these three strategies, and learn more about Fusion Skills, the City Corporation commissioned Nesta to run an exploratory survey-based research project with 101 UK employers. Our aim was to learn about the value which employers place on skills in the workplace, which skills they look for and the evidence they use to identify these skills during the recruitment process.

in 2020 we collaborated in a number of areas. This included:

This year we have collaborated with the City of London Family of Schools in the following ways:

Significant support for pupils, including Newham Collegiate Sixth Form applying to North American Universities

Bespoke interview support and guidance for pupils aspiring to Oxbridge for pupils from Newham Collegiate Sixth Form and COLA Southwark.

Subject networking to enhance collaboration at Sixth Form, facilitated by CLS and CLSG teaching staff

Higher Education evening and careers events attended by pupils from the Family of Schools

Linklaters Communications Webinar attended by over 100 pupils from 6 schools

‘How to Change the World Conference’ with access brokered by CLS for pupils from the Family of Schools

CLS hosted the fifth City Schools Concert with all 14 of the City of London’s Family of Schools involved in a spectacular musical partnership event

Subject networking at Key Stage 2 in Geography focusing on curriculum, assessment and the sharing of best practice

Visits from The Aldgate School to take part in a range of educational workshops

CLS hosted an annual debating workshop delivered by the English Speaking Union, in which teams of pupils from the Family of Schools participated

The Head Librarian at CLS has worked with a range of schools to promote and celebrate reading.



A signficant number of staff contribute to these events and programmes. The majority are planned and delivered at CLS.


We are confident that these partnerships, projects and initiatives ensure CLS makes a meaningful contribution to the helping ensure the aims of the Corporation of London’s Education Strategy 2019-23 are fulfilled.

We are also confident that in doing so CLS makes a significant contribution to helping ensure the aims of the City Corporation’s Corporate Plan for 2018-23 are fulfilled. In particular: Outcome 1: People are safe and feel safe; Outcome 3: People have equal opportunities to enrich their lives and reach their full potential; Outcome 8: We have access to the skills and talent we need; Outcome 10: We inspire enterprise, excellence, creativity and collaboration.

Specific Case Studies include:

Case Study: Promotion and Celebration of Reading

In March 2020, CLS proudly hosted the Trinity Schools Book Awards, facilitated and co-ordinated by our Head Librarian, David Rose.  City of London School for Girls, City Academy Hackney, COLA Highgate Hill and COLA Highbury Grove all participated. A pupil from COLA Highgate Hill was a Runner-Up for the Book Review prize. To facilitate their participation in this celebration of reading, CLS gave financial support for the Academies to take part and also provided sets of books for them.

During the Lockdown period, CLS hosted a virtual author event for pupils from CLS, The Aldgate School and Ark Bentworth Academy. Award-winning writer Stewart Foster gave an excellent virtual talk about his book Check Mates. In advance of the event, CLS also provided the pupils from our partner schools with copies of book to help them get the most out of the talk.

Include quote alongside this case study:

“My favourite part was when Stewart told the attendees that he suffered from ADHD. It was nice of him to share his personal experiences from this disorder, which helped him be inspired and create Felix.

Could you please pass on my thanks to the City of London Boys School for organising this event.

Thank you”,

Yasin, Year 6, The Aldgate School


Case Study: The Aldgate School

Despite the current restrictions on physical volunteering, we are pleased to report on our successful virtual approach to mentoring at the Aldgate School (formerly Sir John Cass’s Foundation Primary).  CLS Fourth Form pupils have taken on the challenge of being Reading Mentors. In this role, pupils regularly meet (virtually) with Year 4-6 pupils via virtual meeting to read a children’s book. Mentors take turns along with the pupils to read, while also sharing their experiences of books to celebrate the importance of reading with younger pupils.

Pupils are also acting as Learning Leaders.  In this leadership role, CLS pupils work to create curriculum aligned pre-recorded media and resources which class primary teachers can integrate into their lessons. For example, the first resources will be looking to model “good debating skills” and focus on content evolution and Shakespeare.  Our pupils are enormously enjoying the challenge of creating challenging and interesting content and working with younger pupils.


"The Fourth Form CSO volunteers have been supporting our newly initiated virtual Reading Club with the primary students of Aldgate School. By using technology at both ends the 10 pupils have been able to read remotely on a one-to-one basis with a range of pupils in Year 5. The first book is ‘Oliver and the Seawigs’. All involved have found the process really enjoyable, and it has been great to see CLS pupils sharing their love of reading with younger children and growing so much through the process. A big thank you to Ms Khan and all the staff at Aldgate school is due for helping make this possible. We are very excited about how we can expand this program in future.” Mr Innes, Head of Geography, CLS


Pupil Involvement

Years 6-13


Annual events.