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Through a number of local centres IntoUniversity offers an innovative programme that supports young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to attain either a university place or another chosen aspiration. Since its opening in 2016, CLS has sponsored centre in Islington and significant numbers of staff and Sixth Formers have contributed to their programme.

More information about IntoUniversity can be found here: IntoUniversity




At CLS, we seek to nurture a deep-seated sense of social responsibility. Our pupils know that there are others less fortunate than they are and strive to make a positive difference at school and beyond.

A key element of our Strategic Vision 2019-14 is: 'Through partnership and opportunities for voluntary service and charity work, our pupils will understand the responsibilities they have to society. We will seek to embed within them a commitment to service, and an understanding that they can make a difference, right now.'

 At each local centre IntoUniversity offers an innovative programme that supports young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to attain either a university place or another chosen aspiration.

The programme provides children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds with the help that many children receive as a matter of course. There are three main strands:

- Academic Support
- Mentoring

Intouniversity is dependent on volunteers for all these elements.


CLS has been engaged in partnership work with IntoUniversity since 2016.

Last year 2019, over 25 pupils are made weekly visits to centres across London to participate in IntoUniversity’s Academic Support Programme, acting as role models and providing young people with tailored help with homework, coursework, revision and study skills.

This year, in the absence of physical volunteering, we are continuing our relationship with IntoUniversity, sharing their work and the impact it has had on CLS pupils via an assembly with the Junior Sixth, and developing a virtual mentoring model in which pupils develop focused and targeted academic support resources which are shared with pupils at IntoUniversity.


Pupils in the Sixth Form volunteer many hours to IntoUniversity Centres across London.

CLS staff also volunteer to support aspects of IntoUniversity’s work, including providing advice to their students on university applications, interview technique and helping them prepare for public examinations.

From 2019, IntoUnversity have also started to make use of our facilities to host regional and national events, most recently their Big City Bright Future Preparation Day.


The Annual Report of the IntoUniversity North Islington Centre which is supported by a consortium of independent schools, including CLS, provides extensive evidence of the tangible impact on young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

IntoUniversity has a significant impact nationally. Their Impact Report 2019 details that 86% of IntoUniversity students progress to Higher Education, against a local averaage of 39% for pupils on free school meals.

Testimony to the impact of CLS and it’s pupils is provided by Claire Stancliffe, the  North & West London Cluster Manager. She writes, 'IntoUniversity has been lucky to have the support of City of London School throughout this academic year in what continues to be a keen and fruitful partnership. We were thrilled to see so many pupils interested in volunteering as Academic Support Tutors in our centres and our staff have been greatly impressed by the dedication and enthusiasm shown by each volunteer, as well as the high quality support they have been able to offer our young people. The school's commitment to the partnership has been further demonstrated by their kind offer to host various events for the charity, enabling us to provide valuable experiences for our young people in a new setting, helping them to develop their professionalism, communication and networking skills. We know that the support that City of London School offers IntoUniversity will be more important than ever as we head into a new academic year and address the lost learning that our young people have experienced, and we greatly look forward to another year working together.' Claire Stancliffe, IntoUniversity



Pupil Involvement

Significant numbers of Year 12 and Year 13 pupils volunteer.