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Partnerships with Industry and Cultural Leaders

Partnerships with Industry and Cultural Leaders


In Autumn 2020, CLS forged a partnership with leading Law firm Linklaters to provide learning and development opportunities to Year 12 pupils from the Family of Schools.

 In November 2020, over 100 pupils in Year 12 attended a bespoke webinar designed by the Learning and Development team in partnership with CLS and CLSG focusing on communication, presentation and vocabulary skills.  Pupils from a range of schools attended including CLS, CLSG, Newham Collegiate Sixth Form, COLA Southwark and Christ’s Hospital. We are enormously grateful to our partners at Linklaters for their time and resource in planning and delivering this session, supporting Fusion skills and the development of young people’s confidence as they prepare for the next stage of their education and employment.


How To Academy

We are also proud to have brokered access to an inspiring set of speeches through our partnership with ‘How To Academy,’ who generously enabled us to co-ordinate access to talks ranging from John Kerry to Sarah Gilbert and James Lovelock as part of over 30 speeches in the ‘How to Change the World Conference.’  Our pupils and those from our partner schools enormously valued this enriching cultural experience, which was accessed by x number of schools/ pupils.  How to Academy also generously granted free access to pupils from across the Family of Schools to an online talk on gender bias in Artificial Intelligence given by Tabitha Goldstaub on the topic of ‘How to Talk to Robots- a Girl’s Guide to a Future Dominated by AI.’  We look forward to further developing our relationship with How To Academy to support the enrichment and cultural capital of young people.