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Twilight AS and A2 Chemistry revision sessions

The Head of Chemistry at St Paul's Girls' School provides 'twilight' revision sessions twice a week for A-level Chemistry pupils at Hammersmith Academy in the lead up to examinations at A2.


1) To improve A2 & A2 results for pupils taking Chemistry

2) To provide opportunities for lesson observation for Hammersmith Academy teachers


Revision sessions started in 2012 shortly after the Academy opened.


Go through past exam papers and provide revision notes for  A2 pupils. SPGS covers all costs for printing and photocopying. No fee is given to the Head of Chemistry for this additional tutoring.


Twilight revision sessions are judged as a success as several pupils have achieved higher grades than predicted. 

Pupil Involvement

From Hammersmith Academy: typically, up to 30 AS pupils; 25 at A2

None from SPGS