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The David Course Foundation Rugby Trophy

Following the death of David Course, a former pupil of Maidenhead Grammar School (now Desborough College), and long-serving senior member of staff at Claires Court, the two schools established annual events to support the development and celebration of Rugby within the two schools and amongst the community of Maidenhead Rugby Football Club, where David served as both player and supporter for many years. 


The aims of the David Course foundation are to support the development of Rugby within two schools and the local Rugby Club and its wider community of players and friends. 

To offer as stage one of the best sets of faciltiies in the country to local school boys at secondary school, to encourage them to engage with the Club and its work. 

Immediate and longer term beneficiaries have been players, the club and the community - it's become an extraordinary event with 1000 attending the school game in December as season finale for the schools and similar numbers attending the old boys game on Good Friday in March.


James Wilding and his PTA charity workers agreed to develop a special charity foundation to raise £10,000 to fund a decade of engagement. Established in 2008, the Foundation trophy has been played for nine times, with Desborough College leading 5-4 in the match tally. Lower teams play alongside the main game, so the event captures the heats and minds of the whole school, not just the elite at the top. 


We need around £1,000 a year to fund the event. The event uses Maidenhead RFC main stadium plus clubhouse twice a year. teaching and non-teaching staff are engaged in its development and execution. 

Two days a year, including bank holidays, plus a further four days spread through the autumn term are required to ensure the event can be run smoothly.

Initial legacy created provides for the first 10 years of funding. 


Quantitative - between 40 and 120 children complete in the Trophy challenge each year, with some 1000 people attending the school event in December and a similar number the past pupils event on Good Friday in March. 

Pupil Involvement

Both schools have equal numbers of players and teachers involved in setting up and running the event. The age range is 14 to 18. All male.


The event takes place twice a year.