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Claires Court Saling Partnership with Maidenhead Sailing Club

Claires Court originally joined a partnership activity with MSC known as the Maidenhead and District Schools Sailing Association in 1979, our first instructor being Marjorie Arnold and first Head of Sailing James Wilding.  Since the early 1990s, no other sailing school remained, so Claires Court forged a direct relationship with MSC (since 1991), with all of its junior sailors being registered jointly as school and club members,. This has given generations of children the opportunity to race sail at the weekend with club adults, and introduced new families to the club who otherwise would not have joined. 


MSC lacked sufficient interest from younger adults and children, and by working with local schools, it was able to provide after school opportunities for them at the Sailing Club. Claires Court continues this evangelising work, both within its own school and through its holiday club operations with the wider community. Critical factors for success is conversion of interested juniors to expert sailors, and our long track record over 25 years demonstrates the success we have in this area.


James Wilding identified with the committee of MSC at the time (1990) that the demise of sailing with other schools was in danger of leaving the club short of a junior section. By committing to fund all of his students who sail as club members this provided the necessary impetus to ensure junior sailing remained at the club and in the school. The current Head of Sailing and Outdoor Education is Paul Robson. 


Financial contribution as junior members commit, plus school investment in its own stores, equipment and boats. School and Club share resources as appropriate, though both are separately well resourced. Teaching and non-teaching staff support the work, since 1991.


Annual review of activity, followed by plan agreed for the forthcoming year. 

Pupil Involvement

Boys and girls, pupils aged from 8 to 18, plus other children as appropriate in the area or from other schools, clubs and societies. 


Five days a week in school time, and some activity during the holiday weeks as part of our Holiday club activity.