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Claires Court Boat Club cooperation with Maidenhead Rowing Club

MRC invited Claires Court to join their boat club some 35 years ago. Claires Court is able to keep many of its boats and resources at the boathouse, and in return provides weekday evening access to its sports hall, weights gallery and 16 station ergo room to MRC members. MRC now has its own thriving junior section, and both compete actively against each other at regional and national regattas throughout the year.


The partnership provides outstanding resources for both school and club for training and practice throughout the year.  When common regattas are attended, some resources such as boat trailers can be shared. The school pays its way for its junior members as part of the club, and whilst both clubs maintain separate fleets of racing boats and coaching launches, each are able to use the others at defined times of the day/week. 

Careful close liaison between school and club coaches keeps relations cordial; the river now is a very busy stretch of water, and by scheduling juniors, seniors and school to work at differing times the rowers have been able to train effectively. 


In 1985, Claires Court wished to commence rowing, and access to the River Thames at Maidenhead was only possible with the cooperation of Maidenhead Rowing Club;  Peter Jowett and James Wilding for Claires Court and Derek Cook, Ted Harris and Jeremy Webb for MRC worked together to seal the initial partenreship. At that time, MRC's junior section was quite small, and in working with Claires Court was able to win National Lottery Funding for a new boathouse on the Bucks bank of the river by Maidenhead Bridge. 

The partnership continues to develop successfully. 



Financial contribution as junior members and for boat racking, plus school investment in its own stores, equipment and boats. School and Club share resources as appropriate, though both are separately well resourced. Teaching and non-teaching staff support the work, since its inception in 1986.

Club uses the school's sports hall, adjacent 16 station ergo room, weights gallery, and outside sports surfaces. School and club share coaching launches, though most rowing equipment is now owned separately. 


School and Club meet annually to agree finding and shared objectives.  Both boat clubs are at their very strongest now, an excellent outcome for the children and adults concerned. 

Pupil Involvement

Circa 100 Boys and Girls aged from Year 7 through to Sixth Form row.  Similar numbers are involved at the club and use the school's faciltiies for training.


The project works throughout the year; mainly indoors at school for MRC in the winter months.