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Tennis Academy

Prior's Field's Tennis Academy Performance Director (an ex UAE Davis Cup Captain and former coach to top ATP, WTA and ITF Juniors) and the Prior’s Field tennis coaching team are providing free tennis lessons to the pupils at different local schools as part of the tennis coaching programme.  


The project is to give young people in the local community access to high quality tennis coaching to help them develop tennis skills from an early age.


The idea is to encourage young players to develop an early interest in tennis and to promote an active lifestyle.

Prior's Field School has been organising the tennis coaching programme since 2017. 


The Tennis Academy Performance Director coordinates the preparation, organisation and delivery of the Tennis programme. The tennis lessons are free of charge as it's funded by Prior's Field School.

Pupil Involvement

Each year over 100 students aged between 5-9 years old take part.


This is an ongoing activity which takes place once a week during the Summer Term.