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Step into Tech: Techathon

Techathon is a place for young people to explore the many possibilities of technology in a way that is both creative and fun. Participants aged 8-18 take part in team challenges, learning through success and failure to discover their full creative potential. It's a fun-filled opportunity to learn new skills, meet with like-minded people and even form future employment connections.


To equip young people with the skills they need to know for understanding technological advancements and also to teach them how to stay safe online.


Techathon is an event created by the Step Into Tech founder who approached Norwich School's Assistant Head of Outreach and Admissions. The school was delighted to get involved and host the event.


Norwich School hosted the event over two days (12th and 13th April) in the Norwich School refectory and Blake Studio.


'The help received from Norwich School staff members was invaluable to making this happen, please do pass on our sincere thanks to all. Alex Jenkins was especially fantastic in helping us resolve any queries we had, as well as being a complete inspiration to all the children.' Founder of Step into Tech

Pupil Involvement

80 children aged 8-18 working alongside industry mentors.