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High School Choir Festival

In cooperation with Norfolk Music Hub, a partnership of every organisation who engages with Norfolk’s children and young people in music making. These organisations share what they do, communicate with each other and are committed to the highest quality of music education for children and young people.


To connect secondary schools from across the county in a day of choral music culminating in a performance at St Andrews Hall.


The High School's Choir festival is an annual event that has been happening for many years. The choir is led and conducted by the Master of Music at Norwich Cathedral and the vocal coach is the head of Norwich School & Cathedral Choral Outreach.


Norwich School's head of Vocal Studies was vocal coach for the project


The day teaches children from different schools to work together, taking on instruction and leadership from choral professional, and they are able to witness the benefits of their hard work through a public performance. It is also an education in classical and contemporary choral music with a programme that features work from Handel to Coldplay.

Pupil Involvement

300 pupils aged 12-18


An annual choir festival.