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B2B Exhibition

A small selection of Norwich School Business Enterprise students were invited to participate in the exhibition. At the exhibition, students were able to network with business leaders and witness how businesses function and succeed in real time.


To provide students with an opportunity to meet with business leaders and gain knowledge about the keys to business success.


Norwich School, as a member of the Chamber of Commerce, have a good relationship with the organisation.


The Business Enterprise students were supervised by a paid member of staff.


“it was an enjoyable [experience] which allowed us to see our business course in practical use.”

- Norwich School Student

 "All the students performed well. They were enthusiastic, polite and very helpful. The students supported the Chamber with gathering online customer feedback from attendees, supported the delivery of the Masterclass workshops, and worked on the reception areas, registering attendees as they arrived.” She added “We would be delighted to work with more students at next year’s B2B.”

- Norfolk Chamber of Commerce Public Affairs Manager



This was the flagship B2B events with plans of it becoming an annual event.