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Self Esteem Team Workshops

Members of the Self Esteem Team delivered workshops to students from local schools which covered issues including exam stress, body image and self-esteem. During the one day event three different workshops held at the Cathedral and in school buildings.


The event aimed to tackle issues affecting young people such as body image, low self esteem and exam stress. The workshops set out to educate pupils and teachers on mental health matters, and to empart useful tools and mechanisms to help deal with pressures they face. 

The event organiser, Norwich School's Assistant Head of Outreach and Admissions, outlined the need identified:

“Mental health is such a key issue for young people in the 21st century, especially with the impact that social media has. It very much affects people from all backgrounds and we wanted to provide a collaborative event for schools around the region. [The workshop] was about ensuring that information from experts is heard and that we provide practical strategies for coping with issues.”


The school had worked previously with the Self Esteem Team in delivery of workshops and talks on important PSHE issues for students, and the opportunity was identified to extend the work the team delivers to other local schools.


The event was hosted by the school using school and Cathedral conference facilities, and was organised by the Assistant Head of Outreach and Admissions. 


Almost 500, 13 to 14-year-old pupils took part in the day, led by the Self Esteem Team, a movement that educates pupils, teachers and parents about mental health and body image. Norwich School were joined by Jane Austen College, Hobart High School and Framingham Earl High School.

Pupil Involvement

The event was attended by Norwich School pupils, and pupils from three local state schools aged between 13 and 14. 


After delivering a successful one day event, the school hope to continue working with local schools to rasie issues of mental health amongst young people.