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Sport with local primary schools

Outreach is a programme provided by Dauntsey’s whereby members of our Sports Department visit local Primary Schools on a weekly basis and coach their children a different sport each term.

Autumn term is hockey. Spring term is football. Summer term is cricket.

We also offer taster sessions of tag rugby, netball, basketball etc as a variety.

The main objective is to promote links within the local community. Dauntsey’s offer the programme free of charge and hope to encourage children to enjoy sport and benefit from qualified coaching.

As the culmination of the coaching given to the children we host 3 tournaments each year on Dauntsey’s sports fields. Hockey at the end of the autumn term, football in the spring and cricket in the summer. The tournament is always on the last Saturday of term and runs from 9am until 12 noon.

Each of the primary schools enter one or two teams into the tournament. There is an A division and a B division, with medals for the winners and runners up of each division and a trophy for the overall winning school. The Headmaster, Mr. Lascelles, presents the medals and trophy, makes a brief speech and then invites all participating children and their parents for lunch in the School Dining Hall.


2500 pupils have been involved since 2006