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Sport partnerships with local schools

Primary Schools Sports Festivals

The Oratory has provided local primary schools with regular sports festivals throughout the past year with both boys and girls tournaments in Tag Rugby, Football and Cross Country events. The aim of this event is to encourage the provision of sport in primary schools. We want to offer opportunities of competition in a safe and friendly environment and create opportunities of pupil leadership. The Oratory provides the use of pitches and equipment for tag rugby and football, full use of our grounds for the cross-country route and a minibus is offered for transport to and from the event. Refreshments and lunch provided is also provided.

Oratory sixth form pupils referee and offer a skills session for the tag rugby event. For the cross-country event, Oratory School's pupils ranged across year groups taking up jobs as hare runners, course marshal and finishing stewards. There were approximately 25 pupils in total. These events have been a success and are run on an annual basis and are ongoing.

Langtree Partnerships - Use of Sports Facilities

The Langtree Partnerships is a collective of 6 primary schools in the local community. Over the past year, The Oratory School has hosted a Year 3 & 4 Football Tournament, a Year 5 & 6 Netball Tournament, and a Tennis Tournament for Years 3, 4, 5 & 6. The aim is to support local state primary and secondary partnerships through free access to The Oratory's sports facilities such as the use of football pitches, netball courts and tennis courts. This case study began in 2022 and its impact is assessed by the desire for the Langtree primary partnerships to return and to increase the number of events held. Oratory School pupils are involved as referees and umpires for these events.

Football Partnership with Goring Robins

This partnership was created as a response to a lack of pitch space for the U10s boys' and girls' teams. The Oratory’s aim is to benefit to the wider community through use of our facilities for local sports clubs. The football pitches are now used on a weekly basis by this local club.