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Community Service Programme with Local Primary Schools

The Oratory's Community Service programme involves sending Year 9 - Year 12 pupils into local primary schools to assist with the wider curriculum lessons such as Art, PE and Geography as well as providing 1 to 1 support for individual pupils with their reading. In 2021-2022 30 Oratory pupils were involved across 5 primary schools engaging directly with approximately 150 pupils.


To support the provision of the wider curriculum in local primary schools.

Enhance the leadership skills and personal development of our own pupils.


The Oratory School has an ethos of public service and has always sought to provide opportunities for its pupils to assist in local primary schools and with other local projects.



Staff member to drive and supervise group

Where applicable, resources from school taken to run activities at the primary schools


Excellent feedback has been received from Headteachers at primary schools and the schools have continued to welcome Oratory pupils year on year.

Pupil Involvement

30 Oratory School pupils (boys and girls) from Year 9 - Year 12.

5 local primary schools (approximately 150 pupils).



All year round