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Catholic Schools Partnership with the Federation of St Martin's and St Anne's

The Oratory works most closely in a formal partnership with two Catholic primaries in the Archdiocese of Birmingham, St Martin's, Caversham and St Anne's, Caversham.

In addition to the Community Service programme, The Oratory has provided staff inset to offer support on the Science Curriculum, with a member of each Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics) providing an hour's twilight Inset for the staff of St Martin's to help them improve their knowledge and understanding of Science so they can better plan and prepare lessons within the wider curriculum Science topics.

For St Anne's, The Oratory has provided minibus transport to various events, including the Reading area Year 6 leavers' Mass and also hosts St Anne's Year 6 residential. Many of St Anne's pupils are from low income families so The Oratory has helped to cut costs, enabling all pupils to engage in these activities.

In 2023 Oratory pupils have officiated at the Caversham primary cluster sports events organised by St Anne's.


The Aim of this partnership is to firstly support Catholic primaries through fulfilling the educational mission of the Church by working in communion with other Catholic faith communities. Secondly, the partnerships support pupil progress and create opportunities at primaries. Moreover, leadership and development opportunities are provided for Oratory pupils.


The resources provided are transport, Oratory staff and pupils, the use of grounds, facilities and accommodation for the St Anne's Year 6 residential.

Pupil Involvement

Oratory pupils: 14 - 18 years oldĀ 

KS1 and KS2 pupils from primaries.


These are ongoing partnerships.