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Spencer Denney Centre visits

A small group of Upton House pupils visits the Spencer Denney Centre every week accompanied by a member of staff to spend time with the members. Age Concern members are also invited to see the annual school production and to other events and we provide transport for those who wish to come. The school has raised money for the centre to renovate its outside area and the girls helped with planting and other tasks associated with this.


The project meets the aims of the school to develop caring, empathetic pupils who are well respected in their community. The visits bring variety to the days that the members spend at the centre. Both pupils and Age Concern members benefit.


The school contacted the centre management almost 5 years ago to see if they would be interested in forming a relationship.


A small group (3-4 girls) visits weekly with a member of staff. At other times larger groups will visit e.g. the school choir goes annually to sing carols with the members of the centre, accompanied by a music teacher and other staff members.


Both pupils and centre members look forward to the visits.

Pupil Involvement

Pupils involved are aged 10-11 years. Different pupils have the opportunity to attend throughout the year.


Visits are weekly during term-time for approximately 45 minutes each week. Other events occur occasionally such as visits from the choir or visits by centre members to events held at the school.